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Gear Break: Gearing up for cold weather with GORE, Chums watertight bags, Bookman Curve light 360 degrees of urban visibility, Ribble Cycles celebrates 125 years, Primal new fall arrivals, introducing Zwift’s first on-demand multi-stage tour, the Tour of Makuri Islands and 14,000 Zwifters competed in Zwift racing league season 1 2022. Coffee Packaging

Gear Break: GORE Cold Weather Gear, Chums Watertight Bags, Bookman Curve Light, Ribble Cycles 125 Years, Primal Fall Outerwear & Zwift News - PezCycling News

Gearing Up for Cold Weather with GORE

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:  Here in Babylon on the Potomac it’s that time of year when the temperatures are dropping. We’re still having some warm-ish days, but they are fewer and farther between. And some mornings with the temp in the low/mid-40s(F) heading out the door for a ride. So cold enough for cold weather kit.

GORE is a pioneer in technical fabrics for cold/wind. A lot of different manufacturers use their stuff. PEZ readers will know that I’m a fan of GORE’s own brand of cold weather kit.

The C5 Thermo Jersey isn’t a new product. It’s a proven product that works, i.e., keeps me warm enough on cold days, so no need to fix something that ain’t broke. Here’s what I’ve previously written about it:

The C5 Thermo Jersey is form fitting (no flapping in the wind), not that bulky, definitely felt very insulating, and the thermal fabric was very soft against my skin. In moderately cold weather you could probably wear this jersey with a sleeveless baselayer and be warm enough. But for winter riding, I would wear a long-sleeve baselayer… If GORE had made the jersey with their WINDSTOPPER fabric in the front of the jersey, it would be about as perfect as perfect could get.

I love the snug fit, which is tight enough to be aero but not so tight as to be constricting (and allows for a baselayer to be worn comfortably under it). And a nice touch is the mesh insert on the inside for the back pockets, which helps prevent them from sagging. As someone who eschews a seat bag and carries my minimum essentials for changing a flat in a hard drive soft case that I stuff into my center pocket, I really appreciate this feature. Some other nice features:

I can stuff the equivalent of a small seat pack in my jersey pocket without it sagging

The C5 Thermo Jersey comes in an assortment of colorways (I have one in orbit blue/deep water blue and another in lab gray/fireball). I love the new this year white/fireball that shares the graphic design of the GORE short sleeve Signal Jersey. It’s eye catching and distinctive. Even though the colors are red, white, and blue (so USA colors), to my eye there’s a Euro vibe to the design.

Like the C5 Thermo Jersey, the C5 Thermo Bib Tights+ aren’t a new product. And my opinion about them hasn’t changed:

If you know it’s going to be cold all day (especially if it’s overcast with some wind), the C5 Thermo Bib Tights+ will certainly keep your legs warm (or at least warm enough). Being thermal, they have a brushed fabric on the inside that’s soft against skin. The seams for all the panels (if I counted correctly, minus the bib upper section there are 12 panels) are flat stitched to help prevent chafing. WINDSTOPPER in key areas will help keep the “important bits” from windchill. And the ADVANCED seat insert aka chamois made by Elastic Interface exclusively for GORE is the same as in the C5 Cancellara bib shorts that I’ve logged hundreds and hundreds of miles in. What makes the C5 Thermo Bib Tights+ so great is not having to bundle up by wearing shorts/bibs under a pair of tights.

One of the things I love about the C5 Thermo Bib Tights+ is that GORE treats them with a DWR (Durable Water Repellant) — an ultra-thin durable polymer applied to the outermost fabric layer that reduces the surface tension of the fabric, so that water simply rolls off. It’s not full-on GORE-TEX so not completely waterproof. But it’s enough to keep water off when I’ve been caught out in a light shower/rain.

Water just beads up on the DWR coating

One thing worth noting about the C5 Thermo Bib Tights+ is that they don’t have an ankle zipper to help get them on and off. This wasn’t a problem for me. And one benefit is that it’s one less place for cold/wind to enter.

I see lots of cyclists who just stuff their phone into their rear jersey pocket. That’s fine if you’re absolutely sure the day’s ride will be nothing but dry weather. But if you get caught out in the rain, you risk ruin to your smartphone (which now come with pricetags upwards of $1,000!) One solution is to put your phone in a plastic zip-lock food baggie — better than nothing but may not hold up if you’re caught out in a torrential downpour (been there, done that).

Neither of these Chums bags is a cycling-specific product. But there’s no reason either one couldn’t be adapted for cycling use to keep your phone dry.

The Floating Phone Protector is oversized and too big to fit in a rear jersey pocket (at least any of my rear jersey pockets — the one exception being my GORE Oxygen Classics jersey (no longer made) that has a wider center pocket and narrower side pockets). But I could see how it could be practical toting on a bikepacking trip to use when not on the bike. Especially if your bike adventure included being very near or on the water.

My GORE Oxygen Classics rear center jersey pocket is big enough to accommodate the Chums Floating Phone Protector

Both cases use similar flip-up-to-open and flip-down-to-close-and-lock latches for a watertight seal

The Glow Phone Pouch is smaller and can more easily fit in a rear jersey pocket. So it’s a practical choice for protecting your phone from the elements when riding (and at $14.99 pretty cheap insurance for an expensive smartphone).

Just the right size for a jersey pocket

Not only are both cases watertight, but you can operate the touchscreen while your phone is in the case. I found that sometimes it took a more deliberate touch.

Chums Glow Phone Pouch can fit my iPhone 11

Staying dry in the Chums Glow Phone Pouch

It’s almost that time of year when PEZ will start its holiday gift guide series, but I’ll jumpstart the holidays and suggest these as stocking stuffers for your favorite cyclist.

Bookman Curve Light 360 Degrees of Urban Visibility

The Curve Light features an innovative design that advances visibility for cyclists in urban areas. The design of the glass, which spills over the sides, ensures a wide range of light, not only in front and to the rear of the cyclist but also off to the sides. This results in cyclists’ peace of mind that the light provides them with clear visibility of the roads as well as being visible to other travelers at 360 degrees around them.

The front light has a maximum brightness of 220 lumens, and the rear light has a maximum brightness of 37 lumens. Both lights have a very long run time of up to 70 hours for the front light and 32 hours for the rear light.

The completely weather-resistant light (IP44) will show you the way through rain, hail, or snow. In 2021 the Curve Light was awarded the prestigious ABC Mobility Award for outstanding product design.

Founded in late 1897, Ribble Cycles are celebrating their 125th anniversary with the launch of a 125 Campaign and unveiling three signature 125 Anniversary Edition designs.

At the forefront of the cycling industry and innovating across three centuries, Ribble is one of the world’s oldest bicycle companies and one of the longest running Great British brands. Ribble’s 125 Campaign proudly celebrates the brands heritage, legacy and pioneering spirit alongside championing its exciting and dynamic future.

“It is incredible to think that Ribble has been designing and hand crafting bicycles for 125 years – almost as long as the invention of the safety bicycle itself. Ribble started as a family-owned business passed down through generations and then onto the next custodians of the brand. Today’s Ribble family is a collective of passionate and talented cycling obsessed people with the shared vision for continuous development and innovation to ensure that Ribble continues to thrive as a world-class brand throughout the 21st Century and beyond.” States Andy Smallwood, CEO, Ribble.

“The longevity of our business is the result of a lot of hard work and commitment across the years and I would like to thank everyone who has ever been involved with Ribble alongside the current guardians who are forging forwards – sharing our vision and passion. The launch of our new 125 Campaign is a landmark celebration and important milestone.” Adds Smallwood.

The 125 Campaign launch showcases a new graphic identity that takes its inspiration from the diverse cycling disciplines incorporating roads, switchbacks, tracks and trails to define a bespoke and unique mark. A new launch film dramatically captures and celebrates the past, present and future of Ribble, the essence and emotion of cycling and the power of the brand. The short will evolve over the course of the year and will be tailored to specific audiences, brand experiences and hero key bikes. The 125 Campaign will be supported by a wealth of promotional activity combined with brand experience events to celebrate Ribble and cycling over the next twelve months.

To mark this anniversary Ribble will be launching three exclusive 125 Anniversary Edition designs comprising of an exquisite marble paint finish complete with bespoke finishing kit including 24 carat gold leaf frameset detailing, golden 125 head badge, wheel detailing and golden top cap – the special design will only be available during the anniversary year, creating a one-off limited run. The Ribble 125 Anniversary Edition design is £1,299 and can be selected via the CustomColour offering online or in-showroom.

Ribble 125 Anniversary Editions shown are: Ribble Ultra SL R 125, Sapphire Blue Marble, Gold Leaf: £9,608 Ribble Gravel Ti 125, Emerald Green Marble, Gold Leaf: £8,999 Ribble Allroad SLe 125, Ruby Red Marble, Gold Leaf: £N/A Concept bike only

More details about Ribble’s 125th anniversary and the Ribble 125 Anniversary Edition design can be found here… and will be showcased across their Clitheroe, Bluewater, Birmingham, Nottingham and Bristol brand stores soon…

Full Specification (correct at time of release): Ribble Ultra SL R 125: Frame: Ultra SL R, Sapphire Blue Marble with Gold leaf detailing Fork: Ultra SL R, Sapphire Blue Marble with Gold leaf detailing Seat Post: Ultra SL R, Sapphire Blue Marble with Gold leaf detailing Headset: With frame Shifters: SRAM RED AXS Brakes: SRAM RED AXS Front Mech: SRAM RED AXS Rear Mech: SRAM RED AXS Cassette: SRAM RED AXS Chain: KMC E12 TI-N E-Bike Chain – 12 Speed Chainset: SRAM RED AXS BB: SRAM RED AXS Rotors: SRAM RED AXS Wheels: Level Tri Spoke wheelset, Custom 125 Graphic Tyres: Vittoria Corsa G 2.0 28mm Tubes: Vavert Bars: ULTRA 340/380 x 140 (221), Blue marble with Gold leaf detailing Stem: NA Saddle: SL R Boost Tekno SuperFlow (Full carbon), Blue marble with Gold leaf detailing Bar Tape: N/A End Plugs: N/A Top Cap: Kapz Custom 125 logo, Gold Head Badge: Custom 125 logo, Gold

Ribble Gravel Ti 125: Frame: Gravel Ti, Emerald Green Marble with Gold leaf detailing Fork: Gravel Ti Carbon, Emerald Green Marble with Gold leaf detailing Seat Post: LEVEL 3 inline, Emerald Green Marble with Gold leaf detailing Headset: LEVEL 44, Gold Shifters: CAMPAGNOLO EKAR 13 Brakes: CAMPAGNOLO EKAR 13 Front Mech: CAMPAGNOLO EKAR 13 Rear Mech: CAMPAGNOLO EKAR 13 Cassette: CAMPAGNOLO EKAR 13 Chain: CAMPAGNOLO EKAR 13 Chainset: CAMPAGNOLO EKAR 13 BB: CAMPAGNOLO EKAR 13 Rotors: CAMPAGNOLO EKAR 13 Wheels: Mavic Ultimate T Disc with custom laser etched 125 logo’s Tyres: WTB Raddler 700c x 45 Tubes: Vavert Bars: Enve Carbon gravel bar Stem: Enve Carbon road stem Saddle: Fizik Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive saddle Bar Tape: Brooks Black leather Top Cap: Kapz Custom 125 logo, Gold Head Badge: Custom 125 logo, Gold

Ribble Allroad SLe 125 Prototype: Concept bike only

Special mention to: Selle Italia: Custom painted and gold leaf saddles featuring Gold leaf logos Mavic: Mavic Ultimate T wheelset with custom laser etched 125 anniversary branding Ultra SLR with SRAM RED AXS groupset Kapz: 125 anniversary custom top cap

Introducing Zwift’s First On-Demand Multi-Stage Tour, The Tour of Makuri Islands New format let’s Zwifters take part how they want, when they want

Zwift, the global online fitness platform, has today launched the Tour of Makuri Islands. This new tour is held in Zwift’s newest world, Makuri Islands, and offers Zwifters the opportunity to explore these roads while making it easier than ever to complete stages. The clocks might be changing this weekend, but you can still get your cycling fix this winter with Zwift. The Tour of Makuri Islands lets you complete the series how you want, when you want.

Every type of Zwifter can find the best way to tick off these stages. For the traditionalist, take part in the organised Tour of Makuri Islands group events on the event calendar. For the socialite, check off a stage with your friends in a Club event or MeetUp. For the most competitive, complete a race on the scheduled course and for those training, complete a stage while doing a workout. It really is the most convenient way to progress through a tour while staying on track for your fitness goals.

Tour of Makuri Islands is a 6 stage tour, covering all corners of Makuri from Yumezi, a fantastical countryside destination with lush green fields, ginkgo forests and cherry blossom trees to Neokyo, filled with towering buildings, eye-popping neon billboards and glistening fast roads. The first four stages will be on Neokyo and Yumezi with Stage 5 & 6 will be held on the unreleased Urukazi map. Choose between long or short rides on each stage, to fit into your schedule.

In the most flexible tour, schedule your rides on your own time or sign up for a group event. There will be a week to catch up on any stages missed for group rides starting on November 25. Upon completing all 6 stages, all Zwifters will unlock the Tour of Makuri Islands kit.

The Tour of Makuri Islands takes place between 4th November and 30th November. More information, including details of how to take part in each stage can be found here.

14,000 Zwifters Competed in Zwift Racing League Season 1 2022 Registrations for Season 2 of the world’s biggest cycling competition close at 23:59 UTC, November 2nd.

Zwift Racing League, the biggest virtual cycling competition, saw 14,000 people compete in Season 1 2022. Registration for Season 2 is now open. Teams have until 059 BST on Nov. 3, 4:59 PM PDT/7:59 PM EDT on November 2nd to register.

Zwift Racing League is a team-based competition held over a period of six weeks, with the winners crowned at the end of the competition. Zwift Racing League offers friendly competition for all abilities. Season 1 saw Zwifters compete across the full spectrum of categories; A+ (3.4 percent of registrants), A (24.7 percent), B (41.3 percent), C (24.3 percent), and C (6.1 percent).

Races alternate between Team Time Trials (TTT) and circuit races. For Team Time Trials, the result is taken from the fourth rider across the lines with points awarded based on finish time. Team Trial events now also benefit from Zwift’s new TTT functionality, allowing teams to warm up in the pens for a predetermined start time. In circuit races, points are awarded based on the finish position. Bonus points are also available via “First Across The Line” (FAL) or “Fastest Through The Segment” (FTS) primes, with points awarded to the top 10.

zRacing For those new to racing on Zwift, zRacing delivers racing on-demand with a very low barrier to entry.

ZRacing features a thematic race series every month, with one stage per week and multiple opportunities throughout the day to race. It’s inclusive to athletes of all abilities. zRacing events have category enforcement, so racers compete against others with similar abilities, creating a fair and equal environment of fun competition. Races last 30 to 40 minutes, making them an excellent place for experienced racers to get in a mid-week race, or for beginners to try their hand at racing on Zwift.

The monthly series also allows Zwifters the opportunity earn perks in Zwift; those who complete all stages of the monthly mission can earn a badge for completing all stages of the zRacing monthly series. Racers can also compete for the overall position in each month’s general classification standing on Zwiftpower.

Week 1 Course(s): Roule Ma Poule World: France Description: Hilly Course Power ups: Aero, Ghost, Steamroller

Week 2 Course(s): Greater London Flat World: London Description: TTT Power ups: n/a

Week 3 Course(s): Two Bridges Loop World: Watopia Description: Rolling Route Power ups: Anvil, Burrito, Ghost

Week 4 Course(s): Sprinters Playground World: Makuri Islands Description: Sprinter Route Power ups: Aero, Draft, Feather, Ghost

Week 5 Course(s): Sleepless City World: Makuri Islands Description: TTT Power ups: n/a

Week 6 Course(s): Cobbled Climbs World: Richmond Description: Hilly Route Power ups: Aero, Feather, Ghost

Note: PEZCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.

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Gear Break: GORE Cold Weather Gear, Chums Watertight Bags, Bookman Curve Light, Ribble Cycles 125 Years, Primal Fall Outerwear & Zwift News - PezCycling News

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